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Bi Xianwu

Release time:2015-10-01

Zhenhao Duan Baidu Encyclopedia
2013 years October 23 - Zhenhao Duan, male, in August 1959, a doctoral student, was nominated for the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences effective candidate, former geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences deep key laboratory director. In July 2011, Duan Zhenhao false impersonator travel, suspected of corruption, supervision and audit department... China Academy

mine, big stone, big black!! _211 _ Baidu Post Bar
collision orogenic process of Zn - Pb - Cu - Ag - bi - China mineralization et al Department of Institute of geochemistry collision orogeny the Au mineralization - Sun Xiaoming - Zhongshan University giant deposit formation preservation and resource potential in Yunnan Province - Li Wenchang -

Fu Jiamo... _ Baidu Encyclopedia
2014 July 19th Bi Xianwu sun s feedback error has been Sun Jiadong Lin Xueyu Lin Xueyu s has error feedback error has an Zhisheng feedback error feedback has an Zhisheng s Zhang Benren s Zhang Benren the error has been...

et al bi - State Key Laboratory of ore deposit geochemistry in September 3rd
2008 -[13] Bi Xianwu, Hu Ruizhong, Peng Jiantang, Wu Kaixing, and China, rock geochemistry, Yao and Machangqing alkaline rich intrusive rocks Sinica, 2005,21 (1): 113-124. [14], Li Hongli Bi Xianwu, Tu Guangchi

, Bi Xianwu in the country... Academy of Sciences University homepage < / B>
Bi Xianwu female doctoral geochemical study of the e-mail: bixianwu@vip.gyig.ac.cn communication address: Nanming District of Guiyang city view waterway No. 46 postal code: 550002 research field deposit science and geochemistry of the recruit... Won the title of "Ten Outstanding Women", Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences earth

Bi Xianwu researcher...
2009 March 4 - deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of I of ore deposit geochemistry, doctoral tutor Bi Xianwu researcher is the Chinese Academy of Sciences awarded the third session of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ten outstanding out women "title, by the general assembly in recognition of. Bi Xianwu comrades main...

Bi Xianwu - third, Chinese Academy of Sciences organ WOC will
2014 in July 15, - Bi Xianwu, female, February 1967 born in Wuhan City, Ph.D., researcher (Professor, tutor of doctoral students, Party member of the Communist Party of China.

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2013, Chen Jiubin,, Chen Jingan,, -14,, chenjiubin@vip.gyig.ac.cn,,,,, Bi Xianwu,, 800653104910002, Wang Yingjing,, Chou Guangle,,...
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