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Su Peixiong

Release time:2015-10-17

Su Peixiong: concern capital flows can be found makers - Stock Channel - Finance
2013 years March 16 - Su Peixiong: attention to the flow of funds can be a good found makers, the fifth session of the China stock market folk masters contest "champion Su Peixiong financial news website by gold financial sector joint Haitong Securities (600837) jointly organized the" dialogue.

Su Peixiong speculation about retail stocks Baidu Library
2014 on August 20, 2004 - Su Peixiong fried on retail stocks financial / investment management marketing professional information. Su Peixiong fried talk about retail stocks, the basic concept of 1, a steady state of mind: "we must stop, must not be too greedy."

Su Peixiong: pay attention to the capital flows can be very good to find the _guangtiang_guangtiang
2013 March 21st - Fifth Chinese stock market folk expert contest winner Su Peixiong financial circles site interview with the first place in the competition Su Peixiong, shared his experience in the process, especially his super super super...

man stocks without fear of 3 years "
2013 40000 - 4000000 - Xinhua - reporter, Su Peixiong's investment is not plain sailing. In December 3rd last year, Xiao Su fold to 2.29 yuan to buy 15000 shares of China electric power, second days fell to 2.25 yuan, which is down 4 cents, he sold all of

... Su Peixiong: investment is mainly dominated by short-term buying in batches to reduce the cost of stock - Channel - Finance
2013 March 16th - Su Peixiong: invest mainly in short-term the main buying in batches to reduce cost, the fifth Chinese master stock folk Contest Finals champion Su Peixiong by the financial sector combined with Haitong Securities (600837) jointly organized the "dialogue 2013,

... Su Peixiong is how to see if there are funds into the stock _ Baidu
know the best answer: this day can not find, if increase greatly, the volume change may see, but I have not seen, the stock fund is increased by F10 to check the data, but not every day. More & gt on Su Peixiong; & gt;

Su Peixiong folk "first master how to refining the March 19, in Sina Shanghai Sina
2013 (2) - reporter access to the Su Peixiong in stocks contest account operation records, these records closely printed exactly three sheets of copy paper. Surprisingly, in 2 months in the finals, he traded stocks more than 300 times, a lot of stock...

Su Peixiong | Su Peixiong operation records the stock records | Su Peixiong _ shares net property stocks experience to share
2014 in August 18th - the fifth China folk master champion Su Peixiong in the stock market financial news website by the financial web site with Haitong Securities (600837) jointly organized the "dialogue 2013, China top Investor Forum and Haitong Securities Cup third...

Su Peixiong Su Peixiong _ trader record operation record _ Su Peixiong
2014 July 12th - Warren Su Peixiong folk popular tags: JPG - 272x439 - 26k [Huang Peixiong] Youku Video" identification and assessment "watch fifth the China stock market competition ten big folk master master Yu Min JPG - 400x300 - 29...
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