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Fortress pet task contest

Release time:2015-10-19

world of Warcraft fortress pet quest contest to do Baidu know
best answer: beat the daily tasks more than three pet NPC "lioness" Siao / Sarah the task assigned to the open pet everyday tasks. World of Warcraft 6.0 fortress pet on the war front task and daily task introduction introduction Daily: task requirement beat a...

help: Fort pet pet task against Baidu Post Bar
20 reply post, a & lt; return pet battle it help: Fort pet task only landlord used reply fly. This task is known as a "contest," said in a combat zone defeating pet back...

world of Warcraft 6.0 pet battle how to play 9, world of Warcraft 6.0 fortress pet congrats on warfare thematic daily Raiders
2014 October - such as if you 6.0 open later also intends to play with their pets on the war, now is can be ready for collection and leveling. Game player can from their own "lioness" at Fort NPC, received a daily battle. Today Xiaobian first to everyone...

Delano King: pet fortress. The warfare thematic daily Raiders 17173 world of Warcraft world area
2014 on October 6 - after all, is testing service, a small pet some drop task achievement nor the energy to collect. If you are going to play 6 opened after the battle, you can now start collecting and leveling up.

fortress pet task can not be completed - the Forum - world of Warcraft
fortress pet task contest is to beat the pet in the battle area, the task is to reach a condition for the 0/1 pet master mark. Could not finish, can not find the fight against NPC.. Mark a task to complete the wrong position, take the task after click the NPC on the edge... Contest

do / Pet master mark how to get Baidu experience
2014 in December 1st - world of Warcraft fortress pets do battle daily contest, here I will briefly introduce. Baidu experience: jingyan.baidu... How to do the master mark how to do / how to get a mark on how to get the steps to read the order of 7 attention skills release, after winning the task. ...

world of Warcraft 6.0 fortress pet nest 1-3 grade daily tasks fortress pet daily combination Daquan (2) wow...
2015 in January 24 - pet nest pre task task open conditions: will upgrade the fortress to the third grade, tasks in the lioness Siao / Sarah place. To complete the task can unlock the normal upgrade pet nest. Task description: beat three was king of

world of Warcraft 6.0 Delano fortress affiliated construction guide pet nest (2) - sina of Warcraft world.
2014 years on October 30 - Abstract: Fortress architecture is divided for the construction of large, medium-sized building, small building, an outpost of fort and outbuildings. Fighting the battle of the pet competition (Alliance) / contest (Tribal) task requires to beat a legendary PET / a group of legends...

pet on the topic - Warcraft 6 special _178 world of Warcraft
now, can let you up to 10 pets in the fortress of the. Level 3: unlock a pet battle daily tasks and... To the & quot; Lion & quot; Siao / Saraex task, open a zoo everyday tasks - combat pet competition / match. ...
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