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Aviation capital suspension

Release time:2015-10-26

aviation capital intends to disclose material matters of the company stock temporary suspension _ stock channel _ flush finance
2015 September 17th - according to the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading tips show, the air capital of the important matters not notice, the company's application, the company stock (securities referred to: AVIC capital, stock code: 600705) on September 17, 2015 opening date for the temporary suspension, pending the company through

... The air capital of the termination of the acquisition of AVOLON will continue to be suspended _ aviation capital (600705) shares _ Oriental aviation capital
... The termination of the acquisition of AVOLON will continue to be suspended K 600705_1 aviation capital (600705) on Monday night announced that the company, because the counterparty cannot accept the offer to determine the air capital, decided to terminate the acquisition of AVOLON transaction process. ...

CATIC investment suspension for such a long time, for our shareholders influence aviation capital (600705... Shares it
if CATIC investment is not suspended, I also believe that not many investors will be long-term holders, slightly make some will run. 从这个角度来说,中航资本的股民反而是很幸运的,这次停牌不但让你得到了休息,而且准能...

2015年10月16日-证券代码:600705 证券简称:中航资本 公告编号:临 2014-049 中航资本控股股份有限公司 重大资产重组停牌公告 本公司董事会及全体董事保证本公告内容不存在...

中航资本拟披露重大事项 公司股票临时停牌_股票频道_同花顺财经

中航资本等7股17日临停 拟披露重大事项|停牌|好想你_凤凰财经
2015年9月17日-中航资本、青鸟华光、好想你、创意信息、天山生物、方正电机、盛路通信拟披露 Major issues suspension.

aviation capital because of important matters did not notice 7 suspended Netease
2015 in August 6th - Card Network aviation capital (600705) August 6, evening announcement said that company did not notice because of important matters,..., to avoid causing abnormal stock price fluctuations, the company's application, the company stock since August 7, 2015 suspension. ...

aviation capital by 2015 will not be suspended Baidu know
should because must be restructuring and acquisitions more about aviation capital suspension problems & gt; & gt;

aviation capital (600705): quasi disclosure of important matters on the 7th stop brand - CC - Financial Zhongshang intelligence network
2015 years announced on August 6, AVIC capital (600705) August 6 in the evening, did not notice because of important matters, upon application, company stock since August 7, 2015 suspension. Return home cbiw & gt; & gt; hot search: stock suspension.

AVIC capital 7 shares 17 temporary stop intends to disclose significant matters - market - Shanghai. China Securities Network
2015 in September 17, - more please see "live stock room" the China Securities Network News September 17 in Shanghai and Shenzhen a total of seven listed companies temporary stop. Aviation capital, I miss you, Jade Bird Huaguang, creative information, Tianshan biological, founder motor, sheng...
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