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I love to invent a fishing pioneer.

Release time:2015-11-06

2014年8月25日-2014-8-25 作者:我爱发明 文章来源:CCTV2中央十套 关注:视频简介:8月23日18:45播出节目《钓鱼先锋号》,刘祥刚发明了一艘自动钓鱼船,可以在水面上通过无线遥控...


钓鱼先锋号产品发布会回顾凯莫尔科技 日照凯莫尔电子科技有限公司前身是深圳市鹏城河...钓鱼先锋号于2014年8月23日在央视10套我爱发明首播 2015/08/25 钓鱼先锋号...

《我爱发明》 20140823 钓鱼先锋号_我爱发明_视频_央视网
2015 In August 1st -: "I love the invention" recommended 20150801 fishing pioneer topics: I love invention introduction video TV broadcast CCTV broadcast and Taiwan Sexy Sports zero it live introduction: "I love invention" 20150801 fishing...

I love invented a new fishing pioneer 201408023- Video - Online Watch - strictosidine video
2014 in August 2, label: I love invention pioneer fishing I love invention complete I love invented the new one I love invention 201408023 more similar video more... > > 2013-01-102012 Guinness world record inventory highlights Liu Xianggang

I love... The invention pioneer Liu Xianggang invented automatic fishing fishing boat _ I love
I love invention invention complete fishing pioneer invention automatic fishing boat invention volunteers I love invention complete video fishing 1 Comment comment although grew up in the Yangtze River, from the side there are many people who love fishing, but I never do not understand...

I love fishing pioneer Baidu invention 20140823 online video watch, I love the invention 2014 variety
... I love life | invention 201420140823 fishing pioneer online watch, "I love invention" was formally launched in February 8, 2009. CCTV-10 broadcast. Broadcast time: premiere for every Sunday in nineteen forty-five, replay for every Sunday at 7 and 55 minutes and...

"I love invention" 20140823 fishing pioneer interactive interview CCTV network
2014 in August 23, CCTV Network & gt; interactive interviews & gt; I love invention & gt; "I love invention" 20140823 fishing pioneer score opinion feedback feedback top top step step complete video complete video interview [] Faye Wong: and Li Yapeng small...
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