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Zhang Xiaoyan

Release time:2015-12-15

Jay Chou Taipei wedding gifts Eric Tsang, Zhang Xiaoyan pine -
Eric Tsang in Beijing tone with Fei Chang, Fei Yuqing and Zhang Xiaoyan warm greeting, even the photo, are standing beside the most funny, Eric Tsang said: "today you are acting elders, rare occasions I was the most...

Zhang Xiaoyan lost his father collapse:" two men I love most in the world are gone "_ NetEase entertainment channel
2005 in December 12th - father Zhang young is poor police, but Eileen Chang is married and the mother and sisters of the table, the other from Shanghai door, so the father of Zhang Zhang mother care, two head viviparous girl, the three year old died, Zhang Xiaoyan became...

Kang Kang Zhang Xiaoyan show dare not mention OD Jacky Wu in the mainland is only a small coffee... _ Chinese entertainment network
2014 Kang Kang said yesterday to December 10th Cut the picture of OD, Zhang Xiaoyan immediately said no Kang Kang (Kang Jinrong) yesterday on the "SS Xiaoyan night" he directed the movie "propaganda" Gang of one hundred thousand anxious, he introduced actor Ng Man Tat in Hongkong, Zhang Xiaoyan Peng Guohua's husband

... Love _ entertainment news entertainment channel _ _ Zhongshan network
2012 March 12th - the article summary: Zhang Xiaoyan, Taiwan arts hosted the most senior level celebrity, she starts from child to aspect, presided over the decades, some be conscientious and do one's best Zhang Xiaoyan. However, her marriage and love life is without her career...

Zhang Xiaoyan about how good Liu Shishi Nicky Wu called fudge investment new movie - Sohu
2015 October 15th - indeed, Nicky Wu took Liu Shishi home for the holiday, arrange full of sweet trip, Lunar New Year's day on the same day, he went with his girlfriend to see the little tigers "patriarch" Zhang Xiaoyan Alec Su and Johnathan Cheung, and my fellow, Mickey Huang...
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