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A the city about 20 kilometers west of the airport tax in flight 45000 rupiah package the departure hall, there are restaurants, duty-free shops in the first floor of the building is the international airline aviation entry hall, a coin exchange and tourism service center; the two floor is the departure hall, there are restaurants, duty-free shop, gift shop etc.. It takes about half an hour to go to the city by taxi or bus. International flights, airport tax 150000 Indonesian rupiah, inner flight airport tax 45000 Indonesian rupiah. Jakarta International Airport has started using eye iris scanner new security system, to facilitate the entry and exit of passenger clearance. This new safety inspection system of the service objects are those business travel or business trip, they only need to pay $two hundred a year, you can remove the queues of troubles and rapid clearance


The 2017 Jakarta tourism Raiders, Jakarta free travel Raiders, travel Raiders travel Jakarta mafengwo...
The 2017 Jakarta tourism Raiders, introduced the Jakarta tourist attractions, routes, accommodation, etc., delicacy map of Jakarta tourist guide information about Jakarta tourism Raiders free information to travel Raiders ant cellular network.


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Jakarta travel Raiders, poor travel network for travelers to provide the Jakarta tourism traffic, visa, currency, maps, notes, share Jakarta, tourist attractions, shopping, hotels, delicacy lines, and other useful information, making travel plans for the tour Er jakarta...


Jakarta _ Interactive Encyclopedia
Jakarta - Jakarta, also known as Coconut City, Indonesia is the capital and largest city is located in the northwest coast of Java island, the largest city in Southeast Asia, today Jakarta is an international metropolis. World famous seaport. Most residents are java...


Jakarta International Airport _ baidupedia
Jakarta International Airport (Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, three character code: CGK), is located about 20 kilometers west of downtown Jakarta, take a taxi or bus to downtown, about half an hour. There are three seats in the center of the airport...


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