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What are the foods that invigorate the kidney?

Release time:2017-11-21

Kidney is now a lot of men should pay attention to the topic, kidney can not be too impatient, the West has a lot of Kidney Yang products, tonifying the kidney should slowly fill, the following Xiaobian to provide you with kidney food, I hope you see. 1 , kidney tonifying food lotus natured, sweet and astringent, Yangxin, kidney, spleen, astringent, body empty spermatorrhea premature ejaculation per capita should eat, especially heart kidney disharmony and spermatorrhea, eat better. As the Ming Dynasty physician Li Shizhen said: \"the lotus heart Gujing, an Jing Jun phase on fire, the heart and kidney to both economic effect.\" The so-called \"monarch fire\" refers to the heart kidney yang, heart and kidney do not pay for. medicine solution \"in the\" jade catalpa said: \"lotus Gan Ping, what benefit the spleen and stomach, and the most suitable for home, diarrhea, loose stools, spermatorrhea has good effect, very.\" The Qing Dynasty famous doctor Wang Mengying said: \"the solid coke has spermatorrhea, grinding and powder cake with rice to cook for porridge or rice, spleen and kidney, quite a qixun.\" In ancient times in the treatment of heart kidney imbalance and spermatorrhea \"Qingxinlianziyin and Ruilian pill,\" nocturnal ejaculation \"lotus powder, are mainly in the name of Party lotus. 2, lotus as a kernel of the green mature lotus germ, common folk to tea, with a pure heart fire, stop spermatorrhea, do not pay, the heart and kidney Yin Huo Wang's ejaculation patients, food is the most suitable. Such as \"with the interest in home diet spectrum\" cloud: \"lotus heart convergence liquid antiperspirant, Qingxin Anshen, hemostasis Gujing.\".\" \" \" in the differentiation and treatment of epidemic febrile diseases also said: \"lotus, from the heart to go to the kidney, can make the fire pass in the kidney, and could rise, can make the kidney water tide in the heart.\" This is the interpretation of lotus heart traffic heart and kidney. \"Medical Lin Tsay\" also introduced a method: \"cure spermatorrhea: lotus heart a, for the end, into a cinnabar. Each serving a money under Decoction on the two.\" This increases the effect of clearing the heart and removing heat. 3 , also called ginkgo ginkgo, to fry, spermatorrhea should be steamed or baked and cooked food. Ming Li Shizhen once said: \"the food warming lung qi, relieving cough, reduce it, check in. The gas Weihou thin, astringent and close.\" \"Materia medica re new\" that ginkgo Nourishing Qi, nourishing the kidney and yin\". People often will ginkgo as food for treating spermatorrhea. Such as \"Shandong medicine\" contains: Ginkgo \"cure spermatorrhea, enuresis.\" \"Hunan Chi\": \"the drug treatment of nocturnal: Ginkgo three grains, cooking wine, even eat four to five days.\" China Medicine University professor Ye Juquan's experience has two, one is white nuts 10 grams, fried into boiling water, add sugar, soup or fried food, dry powder. Two is to use raw white kernel 2~3 grain, grind the end, and take 1 eggs, open a small hole, the end of Ginkgo into the egg, sealed with paper paste, steamed in the rice cooker, eat eggs 1~2 per day. 4, of medlar flat, sweet, with a kidney Yijing, Yanggan eyesight, strong bones, in addition, long service life can lumbago and other functions. Especially the middle-aged and elderly people with kidney deficiency, the most suitable food, can be long-term tea bubble drink. Such as \"Chinese Materia Medica\" Tong Xuan records: \"the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, kidney essence, bone and water is flourishing, thirst, dizziness, pain of knee pain no more.\" \"Materia Sutra\" also said: \"the Chinese wolfberry, liver and kidney yin deficiency heat Laofa really, tonic to medicine, seven or eight of the ten old Yin, so take home for the top grade andessence eyesight.\". 5, purple ginseng, look at the next page!!! !


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