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Impotence treatment

Release time:2017-11-21

Self treatment of impotence impotence is a common sexual dysfunction disease, seriously affecting the health of male friends and family happiness, but many male friends are ashamed to talk about the treatment of impotence, so self treatment of impotence for male friends is very helpful, then you know the self treatment of impotence? Here is a small book to tell you the answer. 1, for penile erection is not strong but can erect people, can be suitable for half erection posture, relax, sexual life tension, make sexual life easy, the penis can naturally restore erectile function. 2, for Mister phenomena, appropriate practice using the characteristics of natural penile erection, in the morning of life is easily successful. 3, sexual life, a small amount of alcohol, relieve psychological suppression, improve the excitability of the brain center, can enhance the erectile function of the penis, but must pay attention to only drink a small amount of liquor. 4, can take leek, onion and garlic and other foods, especially with fried pig liver, can enhance sexual function, improve sexual desire. 5, the use of round tight condom, can compress the root of the penis subcutaneous tissue venous reflux, so that the front end of the penis congestion, the glans feel more sensitive, the progress of the brain's excitement increased, the penis's erectile strength and hardness will increase. 6, can use the function of bladder accumulation urine, stimulate the peripheral nerve, improve the excitability of the nerve, and enhance the erectile ability of the penis, so before how much to stay some urine meaning, skilled control grasp this point, can receive certain effect. self treatment of psychic impotence psychic impotence is also called a psychological impotence, impotence of this type usually is caused by factors of patients with mental or psychological factors, as the saying goes \"heart medicine for the heart\", an important spiritual impotence self treatment, but we know the spirit the self treatment of impotence? 1, penis erection is not strong, but can erect, can be suitable for half erection posture sexual intercourse, relax, sexual life tension, make sexual life easy, penis can naturally restore erectile function. 2, drinking a small amount of alcohol before sexual intercourse, eliminating psychological inhibition, improving the excitability of brain center, can enhance the erectile function of penis, but must pay attention to only drink a small amount of liquor. 3, taking ginseng royal jelly, because contains protein, fat, sugar, minerals and trace elements such as more than 40 kinds of nutrients, long-term use can improve the erectile power and hardness of the penis. 4, can take leek and onion, especially with fried pig liver, can enhance sexual function, improve sexual desire. 5, the use of round tight condom, can compress the root of the penis subcutaneous tissue venous reflux, so that the front end of the penis congestion, the glans feel more sensitive, increase the excitement of the brain, penile erection and hardness will increase. Mental impotence patients, as long as the success and satisfaction to complete several sexual life, the spirit will gradually eliminate anxiety and anxiety, psychological state into good. Mental impotence also gradually recovered. 6, proper training with the natural erection of the penis in the morning, is easy to succeed in the early morning. 7, the accumulation of urine bladder nerve stimulation, increase the excitability of nerve, enhance penile erectile ability, so how much leave some urine before intercourse, skilled control grasp this point, can receive a certain effect (premature ejaculation patients should not use this method). Type ... How to identify impotence if it fails to identify the correct type of impotence, impotence and false identification, it may cause the wrong treatment, resulting in exacerbations, therefore, must first identify some impotence impotence before, so how to identify impotence? Here let Xiaobian tell you how to identify impotence. 1, neurological examination: to distinguish between functional and organic impotence, which is one of the ways to identify impotence. 2 and penile blood flow measurement: blood flow decreased in erectile dysfunction patients with erectile dysfunction. 3, drug induced penile erection test: this method of identifying impotence is used to identify vascular impotence. 4, penile pulse volume measurement: can understand the presence or absence of vascular lesions. 5 and electromyography in the measurement of cavernous reflex: the diagnosis of neurogenic impotence. Ultrasonography of penile arteries in 6 and Doppler: a method for the determination of vascular impotence. 7 and penile blood pressure measurement: the blood pressure of the normal penis is lower than that of the cerebral artery, the difference is 266kPa, which is also the way to identify impotence. reminder: through the above several steps can only detect the preliminary check and identify the types of impotence impotence in men with true and false, we touch, often encounter some patients with so-called second-hand, second-hand refers to the rehabilitation of patients after repeated treatment is not, because in some small hospitals, small clinics without scientific identification, cause improper treatment, and aggravating illness phenomenon; therefore, the expert reminds, in order to reduce second-hand patients, in order to try not to do with second-hand, must go to a regular specialist hospital for examination and treatment! impotence is what causes everyone don't want to suffer from impotence, and that we need in the understanding of the impotent reason, in peacetime for prevention and treatment of impotence, harm to the greatest extent from impotence, but we know that impotence is what causes? Let's tell you what the answer is. 1, urinary disease complicated by impotence: such as prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, epididymitis, varicocele often can cause impotence; part in elderly patients is due to prostatitis and prostate hyperplasia caused by impotence. 2, mental factors cause impotence: such as childhood psychological trauma, or a lack of knowledge, tension and anxiety, or marital discord, or bad habits, such as excessive masturbation, thereby reduces the sensitivity of the penis, mental tension, thought burden can lead to impotence; the mental or physical excessive, or adverse mental stimulation, such as excessive depression, sadness, fear, or happy, excessive sex can cause brain disorders and impotence. 3, alcohol and smoking cause impotence: smoking and alcohol abuse are harmful to health, and may cause impotence; the prevalence of complete erectile dysfunction in smokers and nonsmokers is 56% and 21%, respectively. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction was 70% and 25% in alcohol and non alcoholic liver disease patients, and half of them were unable to regain their erectile function after years of abstinence. Nearly half of patients with depression are apathetic. 4, : diabetes is a disease prone to cause impotence in high-risk people suffering from impotence, the incidence of these diseases of affluence in the white-collar high rate and younger age trend, can be said that these diseases are eroding white-collar health at the same time also quietly eroding the white-collar \"sex\". ... What to eat can cure impotence impotence is the disease of sexual dysfunction, although the disease in the life of ordinary and universal, but the harm is not the general progression of impotence, serious will cause serious consequences of male infertility, but it will not affect the recovery as soon as possible to cure the male fertile, then you know what to eat can cure impotence? The most common 1, is a common dish of mutton mutton in the winter on the table, is hot, itself helps the positive role, which is kidney medicine eucommia, can alleviate the symptoms of fatigue, spermatorrhea, yaoxisuanruan. Eucommia Eucommia ulmoides bark, \"recorded by variorums\", in the choice of Du can break it too much, there are like cotton fiber as white silk, is the good quality of Eucommia ulmoides. 2, egg egg is the nutritional carrier of human sexual effect, is the survival of the restoration of vitality excellent \"reducing agent\"\". Arabs spent a few days before the wedding, with onions burning eggs, to defend the wedding night, the beauty of sex. What to eat vegetables and India Yang doctor bill, the husband and wife before existence, should drink from the egg, milk and honey boiled rice porridge. The custom of fried eggs in newly married dinner is also spreading in Kusano. Newly married couples often live in a more frugal manner, and eating eggs helps them recover quickly. 3, loach loach contains high quality protein, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin A, nicotinic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. The sweet, flat, have Buzhong, nourishing the spermatogenic service. It has a good effect on regulatory performance. Loach contains an extra protein in the middle, which has the function of promoting sperm establishment. Adult men often eat loach can nourish and strengthen the body. 4 and the flesh of a donkey saying: \"the sky dragon meat, flesh of a donkey on the ground.\" Flesh of a donkey smells delicious, is a kind of high protein, low fat, low cholesterol meat. Chinese medicine believes that the taste of flesh of a donkey Ganliang, with nourishing yin and Yang, Qi and blood, worry to bother. Donkey kidney, sweet and warm, good kidney yang, strong gluten. Can cure impotence impotence, Yaoxisuanruan embolism. ...


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